Zak L. Grace is a warrior for Christ and intercessor for her generation. She is the Founder and Executive Director here at The Godfident  Woman, where she helps women see beauty from ashes out of trauma and build a firm confidence in God. She is responsible for leading the ministry campaign Prayer Was Here, where she manages a global prayer walk every year to reach communities to step up and pray. Starting from a young age in ministry, she's supported her mom who paved the way for her to understand what it means to serve in the Kingdom of God. She is an ordained minister who is also certified in ministry with several outstanding achievement awards in her local community. Through her blog AuthenticallyZ, she is dedicated to providing single mothers with effective strategies and guidance to thrive in their role as a parent.She is also the founder of Unique Editions, LLC an image consulting business that provides services to industry leaders looking to revamp their personal image so they live a more successful life. With her magnetic presence and positive attitude she loves to encourage others. She also loves spending time with her 4-year old son and family, reading, writing and making creative fashion pieces. Welcome to the Godfident Woman!